Company History

Willow Brae Pallets was formed in 1972 by John A.Weber, a Waterloo County farmer and sugar bush operator. John’s farm, named Willow Brae Farm, in honor of the old large willow tree on the front lawn, is located just outside of St. Jacobs, Ontario. In the late sixties, John would collect broken pallets from area businesses to use them as fuel in the sugar shanty at Maple Syrup time. John found that there were more pallets available to him than he could possibly burn and therefore began repairing them on his farm for re-sale.

Willow Brae Pallets emerged as a new business in 1972 as the area’s premier pallet recycler. In 1998, Willow Brae was taken over by John’s son Robert, who had been active in the business since it’s inception. The company experienced continued growth and in late 1998 relocated from the farm in Woolwich Township to the north end of Waterloo, Ontario.

Willow Brae Pallets has been built on solid core ethics like hard work, honesty and integrity. Willow Brae is a customer focused company that prides itself on gaining and keeping customers through high levels of service, quality and dependability. Willow Brae has deeply planted Waterloo County roots and those meager beginnings on a family farm has created an understanding and appreciation of the importance of the land and the preservation of nature’s resources.

The original Weber sugar bush. Horses and wagon were used in the collection process.