Products & Services

Willow Brae Pallets takes care in the pallet recycling process to ensure that our customer receives a high quality pallet for significantly less money than a new pallet. Standard size pallets as well as custom size pallets are manufactured in our plant using recycled material.

Custom Sized And Speciality Pallets

  • #1 or #2 Grade Pallets
  • Standard Size Pallets 48” x 40” Reconditioned and Remanufactured
  • Custom Size / Specialty Pallets
  • Assorted Odd Size Pallets
  • Oversize Pallets
  • Softwood or Hardwood
  • Stringer or Block
  • 2-Way or 4-Way
  • New & Recycled Certified Heat Treated Pallets for Overseas and US Shipments

Pallet Removal Services

An integral part of pallet management is the removal of unwanted pallets in an efficient and timely manner. Willow Brae Pallets will partner with your company to determine and implement the best process for pallet removal.

  • Timely Pallet Pick Up Service
  • On-Site Trailer Service

Certified Heat Treatment Facility

International guidelines have been introduced which regulate the movement of wood packaging materials. This means that all non-manufactured wood packaging, such as pallets, shipped to any country that has adopted these requirements must be heat treated. Treated wood must then display the IPPC certification stamp identifying by whom the treatment has been carried out. 177 countries are signatories with this act.

Willow Brae Pallets is certified by the CFIA to carry out the process of heat treating wood packaging to meet the phytosanitary standards of ISPM #15. This is conducted at our Waterloo facility in a state-of-the-art kiln.

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Wooden Pallet Recycling

Although, wooden pallets are one of the country’s top uses of new wood, many pallets are made of derivative lumber with low cosmetic value. Wooden pallets are much more environmentally friendly than plastic pallets. Less than 30% of nearly 700 million pallets manufactured each year end up in landfills. Used pallets that cannot be repaired are broken apart and boards are used to repair other pallets or ground into mulch.

By choosing refurbished pallets for your operation you benefit:

  • Recycled wood is dryer which means less corrosion, mold and mildew
  • Recycled pallets are less expensive
  • Recycling pallets means enormous savings of natural resources
  • Wooden pallets are more environmentally friendly than plastic